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Additional Services

Making and Stripping Bed 

A lot of our clients struggle to strip and re make their beds, let us do it for you!


Windows (inside only)

Sorry we are not insured for outside work.



We can simply sit with a loved one giving you free time to relax and do what you need to do while making sure your loved one is cared for.


Feed Pets 

If you need to be away all day and are worried about your pet being alone. Give us a call and see if we can help by simply popping to make sure they are ok , Leave  them some food/ treat  or let them out in (Secure) garden for a bit.

If you do not see any listed service, just ask and we still may be able to help!  From making phone calls to Tradesmen, Councils and Doctors to delivering supplies to Hospitals and Friends, we can help!

Playing cards
  • There are no hidden extra payments

  •  We are Fully insured with Public Liability insurance (if you wish to see the certificates, just ask)

  • All Staff are Reference Checked with two references

  • All staff are local to the areas we cover

  • All Staff are legally employed through Home Services and are not self employed contractors

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